Blue, A Kid's Album
Jefferson Jay
April 2009
​Sweet Information Records

"This was my first banjo playing studio gig. I play on "I Shot Teddy." Jefferson Jay is one of the most prolific songwriters I've ever met. And he has a vast collection of awesome original music as a result."
Forget the Dark
Jason Matkin
December 2015
Garuda Records

"This up and coming singer-songwriter hired me to play banjo on "Mine" and "The Hitchhiker" because that's the sound he heard in his head. This highly talented young man has a bright future in music. Remember his name."
Blue Diesel
February 2014
Mannequin Vanity Records

​"This is another fine group of people with whom I am honored to play. I love the easy-going approach to bluegrass and folk music taken by leaders Mark Miller and Randy Hansen. And as this collection of originals show, they both are fine songwriters. Don't ask me what the title means."
Every Second
Novenber 2012
Mannequin Vanity Records

​"MohaviSoul's first album, which we recorded soon after I met these folks at a coffee shop in South Park. As often happens in band situations, these guys have become the closest of friends. Hanging out with them at gigs, in cars, at hotels, and in green rooms are some of my most cherished memories."
Johnny Drank Jack
The Sickstring Outlaws
March 2012

"I had a terrible case of the flu when I recorded my tracks on this. I remember lying on the floor while playing my parts and napping while the engineer mixed them. I'm proud of my performance, and that I did so well under the worst of circumstances. I play electric and acoustic banjo throughout the album."
You Asked For It
The Tail Draggers
February 2011

"This is straight-ahead bluegrass with a few modern twists. We formed the band years before and were constantly asked when we were going to record an album, hence the name. Playing with these fine people is one of the honors of my life."
Not So Bluegrass
The Sickstring Outlaws
April 2011

"It's a little known fact that Ron Houston started the Sickstring Outlaws with his brother-in-law Rizzo. I joined them while going through a break-up. The time I spent recording this with Ron, Rizzo, and Marcy (Rizzo's wife and Ron's sister) helped me to recover. I'm grateful to the three of them for that."
Just Be Glad
Patty Hall
January 2005
Native Daughter Records

"This was my first studio gig. I didn't play banjo, as the highly talented Patty Hall had that well covered. I sang bass vocals on the title track. I got the gig because I can sing "just be glad" in a deep voice."
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Hometown Blues
September 2017
Mannequin Vanity Records

​"The third release from MohaviSoul (Mark Miller, Randy Hansen, Orion Boucher, and myself) features John Mailander and Will Jaffe on a collection of eclectic originals from Mark and Randy, the "Lennon and McCartney of the group. I'd like to think I'm the George Harrsion of the group, but I'm much closer to Ringo."