Mark Miller (guitar), Randy Hansen (mandolin), Orion Boucher (bass), Dan Sankey (fiddle) Will Jaffe (dobro), JFW (banjo), Emeritus: Warren Ovadia

"This band is driven by the excellent songwriting of leaders Mark and Randy. It has all the classic bluegrass instruments - with a twist - sometimes they're electric. And we wander through many musical genres, from bluegrass to blues to jazz and rock, and beyond."
The Big Decisions
Matt Bruno (mandolin), Orion Boucher (bass), Nick Montemarano ((guitar), JFW (banjo), Emeritus: Mike Pope, Noelle Pederson, Aquilino Soriano

"This band, known for inciting barrooms full of people into song and dance, plays energetic and high spirited bluegrass that verges on old-time string band music. Like many others, this band has evolved over the years, featuring many of San Diego's finest musicians, but has always been anchored by the mandolin and spirited vocals of its leader Bruno."
Chris Clarke (mandolin, guitar), Doug Walker (bass), Dane Terry (harmonica), Mark Markowitz (drums), Alex Sharps (fiddle), JFW (banjo), Emeritus: David BandrowskiJohn Mailander, Joe Pomianek

"'Get behind the Plow!' This group has a long history of creating eclectic and original roots music, and has been home to some of the finest musicians around. Lead by the multi-talented Chris Clarke, this group always becomes an audience favorite."
Rusty Gait
James Rust (mandolin), Bill Frisbie (guitar), David Collins (fiddle), Lance Gucwa (bass), JFW (banjo)

"James Rust is a walking encyclopedia of string band music. He seems to know the lyrics to every song ever written. And he has assembled a great crew of pickers to help tell his million tales, and I'm proud to be a part!"
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